Nina Raimann i Martina Čip

Osnove vizualnog identiteta

Officially, Cipmann is a studio for graphic design and copywriting. Unofficially, the Čipmankas are Nina Raimann and Martina Čip who combine visual and linguistic for various purposes, and most often that includes creating visual identities, names and slogans. Nina Raimann, a designer with a degree in Communication design from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, is in charge of all forms of design. Martina Čip, a professor of Croatian and English language and literature, is in charge of writing texts, coming up with names and slogans, and working as a copywriter. However, only together they come up with the best visual-verbal solutions by keeping their noses in each other’s work.


They founded Cipmann in 2011 and they still enjoy making people happy with unexpected details.