Natalija Miletić

Natalija Miletić was born in 1977. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb: comparative literature, philosophy, theater and librarianship. She works in the school library of Sisak Grammar School. She regularly leads writing workshops within various associations in the city (SKWHAT, MH Sisak, Association of the Blind SMŽ Sisak). Furthermore, she organizes and moderates meetings with writers in cooperation with the Striegl City Gallery.

She won the first prizes in the contests “Short story is of a female gender” in 2012, “Lapis Histria” in 2013, “Ticket” in 2015. Her stories were published on the portals “Afirmator” and “Critical Mass”, in the magazine “Urbani vračevi” and in the electronic anthology “Reading book for reading”. She performed at Pričigin, Festival of Culture and Dreams, FEKP and Lieteratorija. She published the collection of stories “Nisam” (I am not)  in Algoritam in 2016.

Despite the surprises, she happily lives, breathes and writes in the city of Sisak.