Lili Rodić

Virtual or real? Choose where you want my story to start from.

I have loved reading since I can remember. Books were my window to the world.

And then, a long time ago, I realised that there are languages ​​- domestic, foreign, artificial, dead… from the language  soup to the completed study of Italian studies and linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. My parents wanted me to be a doctor. I became that later when I had children. Then you become a doctor and a teacher and a nurse and a cook and a driver and a maid and a screamer… but that’s another topic.

I worked on radio, TV and other media until I got hooked on the web. The new, virtual world took hold of me back in 1996.

I became an entrepreneur. A lifestyle where you are led by your passion and there is no time for fears. Get used to the ups and downs. You are taking the course of life in an accelerated way. You have to collect money for salaries, bills, take the kids to kindergarten, meet with clients, plan, delegate, tell the hedgehog bedtime story and then continue working. Are you interested in that story? Not many books were read in that period.

From then until today, I’ve created hundreds of websites, and, with the hard-working team of Ador, I’m still creating this virtual network around Croatia and the world.

Perhaps you are interested in the story of a project for the children of Zambia and a school on a tablet?

Some new books will be read when the children grow up a little, when the company finds its own rhythm and it is time to connect the virtual and the real.

Since 2012, I have been volunteering in the Association of Croatian Women Entrepreneurs, which I founded with three other brave women. I believe that we have helped, inspired or encouraged 300 or more women in Croatia to become entrepreneurs or not to give up. We didn’t count, we didn’t archive… we just gave. And in this, libraries opened their doors to us as a safe and peaceful place.

I started with Ador and ended with women. I connected digitization and processes in organisations with the most important education on happiness at work and became a happiness coach. But that’s another story…