Jelena Fiškuš

Sonda Studio

Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat are the main creative directors at Studio Sonda. Proponents of the idea that design and communication must be logical, honest and intuitive, and the best trigger for creativity is a meaningful and fulfilling life. In the inspiring environment of the small town of Vižinada on the Istrian peninsula (Croatia), overlooking the green hills, with their team they create projects for which they have won numerous national and international awards such as: Cannes Lions, Effie, Red Dot Best of Bests, ADC gold, IF , World Star Packaging, LIA, Pentawards, Creativity Annual, ID, Rebrand, Plus X award, Grand Prize of the Croatian Design Society, AIGA, Golden Drum, Cannes Lions Shortlist, ICOGRADA etc etc …

Studio Sonda is an internationally awarded creative studio for design and communication and the first studio to collaborate on projects with the wider community and make creativity available to all, with the aim of proving its high efficiency. Together with their colleagues, the community and business partners/clients, in an inspiring authentic environment, Sonda creates globally relevant brands, products, projects and programs that have real market success, and above all always connect and create a better society.