Jasna Held

Independent artist / Storyteller

Jasna Held was born in Dubrovnik, where she still lives.

Since 1994 she has been performing as a storyteller and puppeteer. With her friends, she founded the ASTER Cultural Society. Apart from all over Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina she performed with ASTER or alone at the International Puppet Festival in the German city of Husum, IDRIART festivals in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Dubrovnik at the fairy tale festivals “Sesame, open up!” (Sezame otvori se!). In 2004 she participated in the meeting of European fairy tale narrators EPOS (Germany) and since then she has performed all over Europe at fairy tale and storytelling festivals – Berlin (2004), Austria, Germany and Great Britain (2005), Germany and Switzerland (2006), tour of Great Britain at the festivals “At The Edge” (2006), Innsbruck and Salzburg (2007), Vienna (2008)…

At all performances in European countries, she told traditional stories and fairy tales to adults, in English.

With her puppet theater and storytelling for children and adults, she performed at the “BOK” Festival in Bjelovar in 2008, and the same year she performed at the “Legendfest” in Pićan (Istria). Since 2009 she has been performing regularly at the Ogulin Fairy tale Festival, since 2013 at the International Children’s Festival Šibenik, and since 2016 at the Fairy tale Festival in Slavonski Brod and Sarajevo.

Since 2007 she has been a member of the Croatian Center for Drama Education (HCDO), and since then she has been engaged in pedagogical work with students and educators, teachers and members of HCDO.

In addition to performances, twice a year she leads a seminar/workshop on storytelling organized by the Center for Culture and Film August Cesarec, Zagreb.