Iva Ciceran

Iva Ciceran was born in 1976 in Pula. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Pula in 1999, majoring in Classroom teaching. She worked briefly as a teacher in primary schools. In 2001 she started working in Pula City Library and has been working as a librarian ever since. While working in the library, she became a part-time student of Librarianship at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She graduated in 2005 and obtained a title of a librarian. During 2004 she worked briefly as a librarian in primary school Vidikovac in Pula, and she has been employed in Pazin City Library since July 2004. At first, she worked as a librarian, then as a library manager and since 2008 she has been the director of Pazin City Library. In addition to running the library, she is interested and focused on designing and organizing programs and cultural content for middle-aged and older users. She has been working as the manager of the House of Writers – Hiže od besid, since it was established in November 2009. Her hobby is painting on silk (paintings, scarves, neckerchiefs, ties).