Irena Bekić

Art Pavilion in Zagreb

Irena Bekić graduated in art history and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. From 1995-2022. she was an employee of the Zagreb City Library where she worked as a librarian, manager and curator of the “Prozori” Gallery. She is a director of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb since july 2022. The subject of her interest is contemporary new media art, its research and socially transformative potential, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration between art and other fields, especially cultural anthropology.
She publishes art criticism and forewords for exhibitions and texts about artists, including the books “Andreja Kulunčić: art for social changes”, 2013 and 2018, “Sandro Đukić: The Outworn Structure”, 2019 and the artist book Neli Ružić “Nigdina /NOWhere”, 2019.
She has curated many exhibitions, among them the one with Anca Verona Mihullet – the Andreja Kulunčić exhibition “You betrayed the Party when you should have helped it”, Rijeka, MMSU, 2022 and the international exhibition “Mothers and Daughters” with Marijana Stanić (Gallery 90-60 -90, Zagreb, 2010; MKC, Split, 2011).