Erik Boekesteijn

Designing Future Libraries – Stories change lives

Erik Boekesteijn is a Senior Advisor at Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), National Library of the Netherlands. Erik is a presenter, motivator, musician, author, entrepreneur, and above all a storyteller. He has worked with hundreds of libraries and other organizations around the world on a variety of challenges.

After a start in the music industry and work as a music librarian, Erik founded Shanachie Media, which among other productions produces the popular This Week In Libraries series of interviews, and ShanachieTours, a worldwide four searching for best practices in libraries. Erik was one of the co-founders of the library innovator DOKLAB. More recently, he was

a consultant for Public Libraries 2020 and a founding father of Public Libraries 2030. Erik is a facilitator and consultant for IFLA and a Library Avenger. He has worked with architects such as Zaha Hadid, Francine Houben, and Stewart & Hollenstein on the design and development of libraries in many countries.

Erik has been awarded as LJ’s Mover and Shaker of the Library World in 2009 and was named Best Librarian in the Netherlands in 2015.