Ena Čulić i Izabela Andrašić


My name is Ena, I grew up in Koprivnica, but for the last 10 years, I’ve been wandering around the world, mostly due to my internship after graduating from the Faculty of Tourism. I fell in love with cooking in my early teenage days when I was watching my mom creating cheerful vegetarian dishes. I am adventurous and I love exploring. My nomadic life has taken me from Thailand, Tanzania to the Mexican jungle. I find my inspiration for cooking in nature (seasonality), and local ingredients are an inexhaustible inspiration for my creations. I try to approach them consciously and intentionally because I believe that food seasoned with love tastes much better.



I am Izabela. I like to adapt to different environments and look for a balance between the hustle and bustle of the city and peaceful nature. I am passionate about sustainable gastronomy, wine without much intervention, and exploring nature. I am in my late twenties, but even as a child I was interested in archeology, which is now my profession. However, due to my unstable nature, I find it difficult to adapt to norms and keep doing just one thing. I try to be organized and punctual, which often creates problems for me because I enjoy spontaneous creativity, especially when it comes to cooking. I dream of having my own vineyard and farm one day.