Dijana Zorić

StoryLab/Business Storytelling

Dijana is an expert in storytelling and external communication. She has collaborated in the design and marketing of communication strategies and key messages in the campaigns of numerous domestic and foreign brands such as Coca Cola, Nivea, A1, INA, Allianz and many others.

She has been educated and continuously trained at prestigious world colleges (International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, Scottish International Storytelling Festival in Edinburgh, Storytelling Center Amsterdam and individual trainings organized by renowned storytelling experts and artists from Europe and the world).

Dijana is a co-organizer of STORYing, the first international storytelling festival in Croatia. Her experience in teaching and working with people brought her the status of a regular mentor at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb. As a guest lecturer, she held lectures at numerous professional gatherings such as The Global Leadership summit, RSVP Festival and many others.

She is a licensed tourist guide and heritage interpreter (member of the European Association of Heritage Interpretation).