Aleksandra Šutalo

Požega Public Library

Aleksandra Šutalo is a bachelor journalist and librarian. From 2013 untiltoday, she has been the director of the Požega City Library. After a short engagement in the field of journalism, she began working in the library profession shortly after completing her studies at the Elementary School of fra Kaje Adžićain Pleternica (2003-2008), and then in the library of the Grammar school in Požega (2008-2013). Working in elementary and secondary school as a solo librarian, in addition to professional work, she has mostly established herself through running a debate club and systematically educating students on critical thinking and public speaking. In addition, the field of public relations is her second professional passion, so since the beginning of her work in elementary and secondary school, and today in the Požega City Library, she is constantly educating and working independently or in a team to promote the library activities.

Since the Požega City Library was finally completed in 2021 after a 15-year process of upgrading and adapting the building, Aleksandra, in collaboration with other colleagues, invested all professional efforts from 2019 to 2021 in the preparation and implementation of the new Library concept: to open a new building in Požega and get a new, modern Library in line with the needs of 21st century users.

As a confirmation of the successful transformation, came the award of the Croatian Library Association for theLibrary of the Year (2021) and the Collective Award of the City of Požega (2022).